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D'you know that old phrase: 'The cobblers children haven't got shoes' ?? Well, my other half repairs TVs etc for a living and though we've had a smart TV (HD and 3D) for a while, we've just never got round to actually linking it to the internet. Well, no more! I bought a Fire TV stick the other day and he fixed it to the set in a matter of moments and now there's sooooo much to choose from I'm bewildered and shell-shocked by it all.

I've been a member of Amazon Prime for years, in order to get next-day delivery, but now the price has gone up because they've added in what used to be LoveFilm so that's why I bought the Fire stick so I can get my money's worth.

So what I'm getting round to asking is, particularly if you are resident in US (or even if you're not and you know US TV series), what would you recommend I start with? Bearing in mind that we've never had SkyTV, I know I'm a long way behind in what series are good to watch.

I tend to watch horror/spooky things like 'The Walking Dead', 'Vampire Diaries' or serious cop shows like 'Happy Valley', 'Longmire' though I'm not beyond witty comedy. Please no romcom or shows with canned laughter.

Really open to anything that makes me think :D

Awaiting your recs with bated breath...

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Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

Mum has been wonderfully calm so far. They had been married for 64 years this May coming so I think she'll feel it more when that anniversary comes round. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer ten years ago but it was only in the last two that his health had really gone into decline. He'd been in and out of hospital in the last year and I really think that Mum has had that long to prepare herself and come to terms with him not being around.

The house was full on Friday and Saturday. Dad would have been 86 on Saturday and, of course, it was Mother's Day here yesterday, so many of the family had already arranged to visit that weekend. She opened all his birthday cards on Saturday and put them up then added her Mother's Day cards. I think that's a positive thing to do; sympathy cards on their own, though sent for the right reasons, give an air of gloom. They'll be outnumbered by the colourful ones that express more of our love for that wonderful pair.

Wonderfully understanding employers who allowed everyone to leave work at such short notice on Friday so they could travel here. Those three-hour journeys must have been difficult to make. Everyone who did that broke into such sobs as soon as they arrived. Those of us who had gone to the hospital and seen him within minutes had already had our closure.
Yes, there were tears but hours of recalling funny experiences as children and plenty of laughter as well.

Now only my brother is still at the house. He's taking us to the Registrar later, then armed with the Death Certificate we can start to arrange the funeral. One of the funeral directors is visiting at 3pm so it's going to be a busy day. I think Mum's going for a Humanist service at the crem.

Mum had a phone call on Friday from their doctor's surgery to let her know they had been informed by the hospital and they were thinking of her. Then they arranged for a home visit today for a nurse to check her blood pressure. Apparently, they have a Survivor's Plan in force to monitor bereaved patients, which is a very good idea.

Two of us live in the same town as Mum so we'll be able to keep an eye on her. She's a positive lady by nature :)
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March 14 1929---March 13 2015

 photo Mum and Dad close up_zps8ykipv3w.jpg

Mum is bearing up well with all five of their children, two of their grandchildren and a great-grandchild visiting today.

He went peacefully after a short illness in hospital.
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RIP Sir Terry Pratchett


Sir Terry Pratchett, renowned fantasy author, dies aged 66
Sir Terry Pratchett Sir Terry Pratchett's Discworld series had a huge fan following.

Fantasy author Terry Pratchett has died aged 66 after a long battle with Alzheimer's disease.

"The world has lost one of its brightest, sharpest minds," said Transworld Publishers' Larry Finlay.

Sir Terry, best known for the Discworld series, wrote more than 70 books over his lengthy career.

He was first diagnosed with Alzheimer's in 2007, but continued writing, completing his final book last summer.

The author died at home, surrounded by his family.

Mr Finlay said he was "deeply saddened" by the news of Sir Terry's death.

"In over 70 books, Terry enriched the planet like few before him. As all who read him know, Discworld was his vehicle to satirize this world: He did so brilliantly, with great skill, enormous humour and constant invention.

"Terry faced his Alzheimer's disease (an 'embuggerance', as he called it) publicly and bravely. Over the last few years, it was his writing that sustained him. His legacy will endure for decades to come.

"My sympathies go out to Terry's wife Lyn, their daughter Rhianna, to his close friend Rob Wilkins, and to all closest to him."
mumsisdaughter: (Default) brief 'cos after a week's dermatological tests the specialist has announced that I am allergic to...


In other words, many of the creams I have been prescribed this summer in order to make the urticaria better have actually exacerbated the situation :(

Nice to know.


Oct. 9th, 2014 12:35 pm
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Went to York last weekend to go the Grand Opera House with Jenn for the Saturday matinee of 'The Perfect Murder' by Peter James. Excellent production, very good use of space on stage to show different rooms in two different places and exciting plot. Husband and wife both having affairs decide the best way out of their marriage is to murder their spouse...tension abounds!

Stayed with Mark who is on the cusp of making the decision to leave York (and Jenn) behind. He's saving up money to tide him over during the move and we've offered him somewhere to stay until he can find a flat. First thing to do is get a job over this side of The Pennines. I teased him that by the time we see 'The Producers: the musical' at the Liverpool Empire next June we'd be going to his flat afterwards for a cup of tea. Here's hoping! Liverpool is the city he grew up in and still has friends there. As I've mentioned before, he's the son we never had and we want him to be happy.

Edit: Forgot to say that while at Mark's I saw 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. Wow! What a film! Fabulous choice of actors and they played their roles superbly. Highly recommended.

Jenn is still with Rich, three years now, and is enjoying her new job. Better paid and more intellectually stimulating than hanging clothes up! Rich is recovering after his spell in hospital, during which it was discovered that his kidneys were functioning at 28% at one point! Possible biopsy for him to look forward to, poor soul.

I saw the dermatologist at our local hospital, almost two weeks ago now. I took my two pages of 'history' and all the medications, including those that didn't work, and he listened and inspected and kept shaking his head, bemused. He agreed that I'm suffering from chronic urticaria and gave me a prescription for further antihistamines but we couldn't nail down what had caused it, apart from my suggestion it was the belt I'd worn as part of the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring kit. I told him to go two doors down in Outpatients and borrow one to see what it's made from. He decided to do a Patch Test so I've been given three appointments for November on alternate days for the test to be administered and results examined. That will be five months after it all began!

The husband is fine, as always. He's had an air of being apprehensive about him since he turned 67 because his dad died at 67 years and 3 months from pancreatic cancer but now he's past that age he's back to his usual lively self :)

Have the latest photo of this year's young fish taken last week. I've not bothered to count but Jenn counted 41. They're probably all goldfish but we'll have to wait and see. Two of the four 10 cm long fish hatched last year have changed colour but the other two are still black so they might be crucian carp after all or a cross as they do interbreed. The three old crucians haven't been seen since August so they might have died. I hope they bred but we'll have to wait and see, as I said.

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Jenn and Mark are visiting for a few days :D

We pick them up at 10:25am tomorrow from Birchwood railway station then they stay until Wednesday. Hurray!

Still keeping out of the sunlight: had a terrible reaction to one set of antihistamines, my face swelled up like a bright red balloon so much my eyes were like slits. Thank goodness that has subsided but the doctor still hasn't worked out which cocktail of creams and tablets suit me best so she's sending me to see a dermatologist at the local hospital :(

I have been <i>told</i> that Factor50 sunlotion should not affect me. We'll see. I don't want to be hiding indoors while Jenn and Mark are here.
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So the skin irritation caused by the belt and pump of the BP monitoring device I had to wear recently for 24 hours, followed by the application of hydrocortisone cream and the taking of antihistamine tablets, both prescribed by the practice nurse, has now developed into full-blown urticaria!

Saw the doctor and am now on stronger antihistamines and stronger steroid cream for the worse patch, where the pump contacted my skin overnight, and a huge bottle of soothing ointment for the rest of the rash, which now covers my face, neck, arms, back and front!

Keep out of the sunlight and keep out of the garden was the advice and it could take 2 to 4 weeks to calm down.

I am now photophobic, apparently! Poor Lestat, poor Louis, poor Armand, poor Mael and any other vampires I've forgotten about, who have played chicken with the sun.  I KNOW HOW YOU FEEL!! I sympathise.

Btw, my 24 hour BP result was fine! I really didn't need to suffer this much to find that out surely :(
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After some lovely sunny mornings followed by monsoon-type rain and thunderstorms during the last fortnight, we now have a period of settled sunny weather forecast, hurray!

A couple of photos of the back garden for those who asked for an update back in April, I think :)

Here are the purple/blue geranium/cranesbill/mallow and pale pink whatevers at the back of the pond. If you squint at the photo of some of the goldfish, you can see a few of the dark fry; one between the goldfish and the upper edge of the picture and three or four in amongst the weed towards the right. (The floating square contains barley extract to quell the blanketweed.)

The bees LOVE the purple/blue flowers. We've all 8 of the common UK bumblebee species visiting them all day long except for the rainy hours AND regular visits by real honeybees. No idea where they all come from!

Going outside now to read in the sunshine :D

June 2014 photo HPIM0571_zps60c456fc.jpg

pond June 2014 photo HPIM0551_zps1f959877.jpg

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Soooo hotttttttt today! The first day that feels like summer is on the way.

Just a photo to remind myself of how well last year's fry are doing. There are more than this and the big little one is not in this shot. It's about 5cm long. The ones in the pic are 1-3cm long. Not sure if they are young goldfish or carp. If goldfish they should begin to show some colour soon.

2014 last year's fry photo HPIM0543_zps387ee1b1.jpg
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I have a yam. I have never held/used a yam before.

How do I prepare/cook it?

Still learning :D
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29 March 2014Last updated at 13:09

I've been struggling to get some pictures posted but the only way is a slideshow, hmmph. Anyway, enjoy :)

In pictures: UK's first gay weddings
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From midnight, ten hours ago, same-sex couples in England and Wales can MARRY!!!!!!!


I wish I knew a same-sex couple 'cos I love a good wedding :D

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My sister has offered us four nights away in Morecambe,

She had booked it last year but is unable to go. She got a good deal booking so far in advance but the down side is it's non-refundable. Her man is suffering with/recovering from a DVT in his thigh (a heavy branch fell on his leg while he and his gardening team were pruning trees where he works). The hospital reckons it could take up to a month for him to be back to normal, poor soul.

Four nights away at this time of year is not our usual choice but hey, don't look a gift-horse in the mouth! This year's Spring is well on its way: daffs are up with swelling flowerbuds, snowdrops are out and the bluebells leaves are sturdy. Beautiful blue sky today with no breeze at all. Looking forward to the break! Apart from trips to York, the last holiday for us was in May 2011.
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There is no wind! The sun is shining!

AND the daughter's coming home!

She's up and awake and she and Rich will be leaving York soon. As long as there are no traffic holdups, they'll be here by 4pm.

There's a stack of birthday presents waiting and a few late Christmas ones, too. So excited

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I still feel the same, of course. I didn't notice 30, hesitated over 40, welcomed 50 and now I'm 60. That is my body is 60 and sometimes let's me know it but in my head I'm still 26 and always will be, I hope.

Had many Facebook messages from previous (I won't say old as most of them have decades on me) colleagues, LJ and DW greetings, cards from the family and an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Gav collected them at the front door and carried them to me. Imagine my delight at this unusual expression of his love for me (he isn't one for great fuss). I gave him a huge kiss and said, "Oh, aren't they lovely. Are they from you?" at which he laughed and said, "No." !!!! It turns out they had been ordered by a lifelong friend I had been to school with. She lives in Washington DC now so would have been the last person I'd expect to send me flowers. I've arranged them, lots of lovely pink and white, and will send her a photo. I chose a large Dragonsite dragon on ebay and Gav paid for it. I must have two dozen of them now. I love dragons, lol.

Been busy this past week tidying the house and garden ready for next Saturday. Jenn and both men (!) are arriving by train about midday and will stay with us for a few days. So looking forward to seeing her and Mark again and it will give us the chance to get to know Rich better. If they can be civilised about it then so can we.

Aside from being my birthday, Jenn's coming to assist with sorting out the loft. It's crammed with boxes and sacks of her possessions, right from soft toys and books she had as a young child to clothes she wore as a teenager. Hopefully, she'll make enough space by throwing out what she doesn't want to accommodate the boxes of stuff we brought back from Mark's house when she moved out. That way, we'll get the extension back for us to use, at last.

One 'treat' we'll have while they are with us is going to see World War Z. Brad Pitt and zombies: what could be better?

We'll take them back to York late Tuesday because Rich has English and Maths lessons on Wednesday. He's making the effort to improve his qualifications to give himself a better chance in the job market. Atm, Jenn and his parents support him.

Jenn and Mark have taken ten days off work so that we can all go out sightseeing once we're in York. I have a yen to see The Deep in Hull. It's one of those huge aquaria places. Probably revisit Fountains Abbey as well. Plenty to do. Life is for living, after all :)
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New Zealand last month and now FRANCE. Yes!!!

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BBC News

3 March 2013Last updated at 14:19

Walrus basks in Orkney attention

 photo _66175432_0581_zpsf898df9e.jpg 

A walrus has turned up on a small Scottish island in what has been described as a "once in a lifetime" event.


Read on... )
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Walked the feet off myself yesterday :) Took the train to Manchester, whilst Jenn did the same from York. Rattling across the countryside towards each other--should have been more exciting than it was but for my train going backwards all the way. Got off feeling disorientated :(

Anyway, a short wait and there was my daughter! Hugs galore, then we set off for Afflecks: a glorious old building of many levels, stuffed full of rooms/shops displaying their colourful wares mostly vintage and ethnic clothing, exotic jewellery, strange ornaments and anything one would wish to purchase in the alternative lifestyles theme. Wandered through, wishing I was forty years younger and a few sizes smaller, lol!

Nice lunch and then to the crux of the meeting. We toddled off to the Opera House to watch 'Priscilla: the Queen of the Desert, the Musical' starring Jason Donovan. Fabulous costumes and towering head-dresses and wigs, disco divas singing all the best songs such as 'I Will Survive', handsome young men with muscular bodies dancing their feathered backsides off, sequins galore and witty lines that had us all roaring for more! Discussion about la dame Kylie leading to reminiscences about Neighbours and then Jason Donovan's line: I preferred Scott. !!! I've not laughed so much for ages :D

Afterwards, wandered round looking at the lovely old theatre then made our way outside for the traipse back to the railway station. On the way, passed the Palace Theatre, which six of us ladies-of-the-family will be visiting in five weeks time to see 'The Lion King'. I have a drawer full of theatre tickets for the rest of the year: bought them as Christmas presents for various folk. Like to keep busy :)

Sat with Jenn waiting for her train, feeling February's nip as the sky turned dark, then went for mine. Rattled off home--going backwards again--but not so disorienting because nothing to see outside in the dark.
A brilliant day! Next treat is next weekend in York. Going to help Jenn move her last things into Rich's flat (he's asked her to live with him)--the end of an era. She and Mark are still good friends and she and Rich often visit Mark, bringing take-away, for an evening of video games and films. So glad the three of them get on well. Now, Gav and I have to get to know Rich better. Life never stands still, does it?
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Richard III dig: DNA confirms bones are king's. The skeleton is 'beyond reasonable doubt' the remains of Richard III
A skeleton found beneath a Leicester car park has been confirmed as that of English king Richard III. (from BBC

Evidence )


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