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Many thanks for your kind words and thoughts.

Mum has been wonderfully calm so far. They had been married for 64 years this May coming so I think she'll feel it more when that anniversary comes round. Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer ten years ago but it was only in the last two that his health had really gone into decline. He'd been in and out of hospital in the last year and I really think that Mum has had that long to prepare herself and come to terms with him not being around.

The house was full on Friday and Saturday. Dad would have been 86 on Saturday and, of course, it was Mother's Day here yesterday, so many of the family had already arranged to visit that weekend. She opened all his birthday cards on Saturday and put them up then added her Mother's Day cards. I think that's a positive thing to do; sympathy cards on their own, though sent for the right reasons, give an air of gloom. They'll be outnumbered by the colourful ones that express more of our love for that wonderful pair.

Wonderfully understanding employers who allowed everyone to leave work at such short notice on Friday so they could travel here. Those three-hour journeys must have been difficult to make. Everyone who did that broke into such sobs as soon as they arrived. Those of us who had gone to the hospital and seen him within minutes had already had our closure.
Yes, there were tears but hours of recalling funny experiences as children and plenty of laughter as well.

Now only my brother is still at the house. He's taking us to the Registrar later, then armed with the Death Certificate we can start to arrange the funeral. One of the funeral directors is visiting at 3pm so it's going to be a busy day. I think Mum's going for a Humanist service at the crem.

Mum had a phone call on Friday from their doctor's surgery to let her know they had been informed by the hospital and they were thinking of her. Then they arranged for a home visit today for a nurse to check her blood pressure. Apparently, they have a Survivor's Plan in force to monitor bereaved patients, which is a very good idea.

Two of us live in the same town as Mum so we'll be able to keep an eye on her. She's a positive lady by nature :)
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March 14 1929---March 13 2015

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Mum is bearing up well with all five of their children, two of their grandchildren and a great-grandchild visiting today.

He went peacefully after a short illness in hospital.


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