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As of yesterday, I'm married to a Senior Citizen or, as we used to term it, an Old Age Pensioner. My gorgeous young man is now 65 years old. Where has the time gone? Where have his teeth gone?

Went out for a meal to our local pub, with my parents in tow. Pleasant evening, all the better for the quick recovery Dad has made since a day in hospital on Tuesday. Not going into the details as it isn't nice but he's okay now.

Anyway, the food was good. Gav has a nice collection of cards emblazoned with glittery 65 numbers, just in case he has no idea how old he is. Jenn sent three bottles of special brew beers through the post. They arrived in one piece. He's saving the 8% one until he's sure he can have a lie-in the next day.

I bought him a Man Tin, in which he can keep all those bits of important junk that men hoard the way they used to keep string, conkers and dead frogs in their pockets when they were lads.

Not much celebration, I agree, but that's because we're having a huge party for him in July, when the weather will be summery, I hope. The Hog Roast is already ordered and 80 invitations have gone out. Should be good!

The best thing about this? We'll be almost £500 a month better off from April. Notice I say 'we' not 'he'. I always knew he was good-looking but now he's rich as well! :D
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I thought you'd like to see what I've had to look at all afternoon!


The one on the right is mine. The one on the left thinks she lives with us but actually comes from three doors away!
Click on the picture for the whole thing!


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