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 This was taken on 10th June at my sister's wedding. Mark with Darcie, also celebrating two years together, and Jenn on the right.
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in York, leaving the husband alone here looking after himself, ah poor thing. Relying on him to open the door to Hallowe'en knocks, sweets and pumpkin all arranged for him :)

Train to York tomorrow afternoon arriving at 5:36 IN THE DAAAAAARK!!! Staying with Jenn and Rich for the first time as Mark now has his ladyfriend living with him. Seeing him sometime on Saturday evening.

Saturday matinee at the Grand Opera House to see The Addams Family: the Musical with Jenn! Hurray, good Hallowe'en fun.

Returning Sunday midday.

Hoping to repeat the performance at the end of November to catch The Importance of Being Earnest at the same theatre.

NINE weeks to Christmas! Must go to the Christmas Angels shop in York! It's open all year round but I'm never in the mood for popping in until this time of year :D

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Latest photo in her new hat. I just have to share this because it stuns me that our DNA made someone this beautiful :)

Jenn October 2015 photo Jenn October 2015_zpsjfbuhxkx.jpg


Oct. 9th, 2014 12:35 pm
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Went to York last weekend to go the Grand Opera House with Jenn for the Saturday matinee of 'The Perfect Murder' by Peter James. Excellent production, very good use of space on stage to show different rooms in two different places and exciting plot. Husband and wife both having affairs decide the best way out of their marriage is to murder their spouse...tension abounds!

Stayed with Mark who is on the cusp of making the decision to leave York (and Jenn) behind. He's saving up money to tide him over during the move and we've offered him somewhere to stay until he can find a flat. First thing to do is get a job over this side of The Pennines. I teased him that by the time we see 'The Producers: the musical' at the Liverpool Empire next June we'd be going to his flat afterwards for a cup of tea. Here's hoping! Liverpool is the city he grew up in and still has friends there. As I've mentioned before, he's the son we never had and we want him to be happy.

Edit: Forgot to say that while at Mark's I saw 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. Wow! What a film! Fabulous choice of actors and they played their roles superbly. Highly recommended.

Jenn is still with Rich, three years now, and is enjoying her new job. Better paid and more intellectually stimulating than hanging clothes up! Rich is recovering after his spell in hospital, during which it was discovered that his kidneys were functioning at 28% at one point! Possible biopsy for him to look forward to, poor soul.

I saw the dermatologist at our local hospital, almost two weeks ago now. I took my two pages of 'history' and all the medications, including those that didn't work, and he listened and inspected and kept shaking his head, bemused. He agreed that I'm suffering from chronic urticaria and gave me a prescription for further antihistamines but we couldn't nail down what had caused it, apart from my suggestion it was the belt I'd worn as part of the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring kit. I told him to go two doors down in Outpatients and borrow one to see what it's made from. He decided to do a Patch Test so I've been given three appointments for November on alternate days for the test to be administered and results examined. That will be five months after it all began!

The husband is fine, as always. He's had an air of being apprehensive about him since he turned 67 because his dad died at 67 years and 3 months from pancreatic cancer but now he's past that age he's back to his usual lively self :)

Have the latest photo of this year's young fish taken last week. I've not bothered to count but Jenn counted 41. They're probably all goldfish but we'll have to wait and see. Two of the four 10 cm long fish hatched last year have changed colour but the other two are still black so they might be crucian carp after all or a cross as they do interbreed. The three old crucians haven't been seen since August so they might have died. I hope they bred but we'll have to wait and see, as I said.

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Jenn and Mark are visiting for a few days :D

We pick them up at 10:25am tomorrow from Birchwood railway station then they stay until Wednesday. Hurray!

Still keeping out of the sunlight: had a terrible reaction to one set of antihistamines, my face swelled up like a bright red balloon so much my eyes were like slits. Thank goodness that has subsided but the doctor still hasn't worked out which cocktail of creams and tablets suit me best so she's sending me to see a dermatologist at the local hospital :(

I have been <i>told</i> that Factor50 sunlotion should not affect me. We'll see. I don't want to be hiding indoors while Jenn and Mark are here.
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There is no wind! The sun is shining!

AND the daughter's coming home!

She's up and awake and she and Rich will be leaving York soon. As long as there are no traffic holdups, they'll be here by 4pm.

There's a stack of birthday presents waiting and a few late Christmas ones, too. So excited

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I still feel the same, of course. I didn't notice 30, hesitated over 40, welcomed 50 and now I'm 60. That is my body is 60 and sometimes let's me know it but in my head I'm still 26 and always will be, I hope.

Had many Facebook messages from previous (I won't say old as most of them have decades on me) colleagues, LJ and DW greetings, cards from the family and an unexpected bouquet of flowers. Gav collected them at the front door and carried them to me. Imagine my delight at this unusual expression of his love for me (he isn't one for great fuss). I gave him a huge kiss and said, "Oh, aren't they lovely. Are they from you?" at which he laughed and said, "No." !!!! It turns out they had been ordered by a lifelong friend I had been to school with. She lives in Washington DC now so would have been the last person I'd expect to send me flowers. I've arranged them, lots of lovely pink and white, and will send her a photo. I chose a large Dragonsite dragon on ebay and Gav paid for it. I must have two dozen of them now. I love dragons, lol.

Been busy this past week tidying the house and garden ready for next Saturday. Jenn and both men (!) are arriving by train about midday and will stay with us for a few days. So looking forward to seeing her and Mark again and it will give us the chance to get to know Rich better. If they can be civilised about it then so can we.

Aside from being my birthday, Jenn's coming to assist with sorting out the loft. It's crammed with boxes and sacks of her possessions, right from soft toys and books she had as a young child to clothes she wore as a teenager. Hopefully, she'll make enough space by throwing out what she doesn't want to accommodate the boxes of stuff we brought back from Mark's house when she moved out. That way, we'll get the extension back for us to use, at last.

One 'treat' we'll have while they are with us is going to see World War Z. Brad Pitt and zombies: what could be better?

We'll take them back to York late Tuesday because Rich has English and Maths lessons on Wednesday. He's making the effort to improve his qualifications to give himself a better chance in the job market. Atm, Jenn and his parents support him.

Jenn and Mark have taken ten days off work so that we can all go out sightseeing once we're in York. I have a yen to see The Deep in Hull. It's one of those huge aquaria places. Probably revisit Fountains Abbey as well. Plenty to do. Life is for living, after all :)
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Walked the feet off myself yesterday :) Took the train to Manchester, whilst Jenn did the same from York. Rattling across the countryside towards each other--should have been more exciting than it was but for my train going backwards all the way. Got off feeling disorientated :(

Anyway, a short wait and there was my daughter! Hugs galore, then we set off for Afflecks: a glorious old building of many levels, stuffed full of rooms/shops displaying their colourful wares mostly vintage and ethnic clothing, exotic jewellery, strange ornaments and anything one would wish to purchase in the alternative lifestyles theme. Wandered through, wishing I was forty years younger and a few sizes smaller, lol!

Nice lunch and then to the crux of the meeting. We toddled off to the Opera House to watch 'Priscilla: the Queen of the Desert, the Musical' starring Jason Donovan. Fabulous costumes and towering head-dresses and wigs, disco divas singing all the best songs such as 'I Will Survive', handsome young men with muscular bodies dancing their feathered backsides off, sequins galore and witty lines that had us all roaring for more! Discussion about la dame Kylie leading to reminiscences about Neighbours and then Jason Donovan's line: I preferred Scott. !!! I've not laughed so much for ages :D

Afterwards, wandered round looking at the lovely old theatre then made our way outside for the traipse back to the railway station. On the way, passed the Palace Theatre, which six of us ladies-of-the-family will be visiting in five weeks time to see 'The Lion King'. I have a drawer full of theatre tickets for the rest of the year: bought them as Christmas presents for various folk. Like to keep busy :)

Sat with Jenn waiting for her train, feeling February's nip as the sky turned dark, then went for mine. Rattled off home--going backwards again--but not so disorienting because nothing to see outside in the dark.
A brilliant day! Next treat is next weekend in York. Going to help Jenn move her last things into Rich's flat (he's asked her to live with him)--the end of an era. She and Mark are still good friends and she and Rich often visit Mark, bringing take-away, for an evening of video games and films. So glad the three of them get on well. Now, Gav and I have to get to know Rich better. Life never stands still, does it?

Catching up

Sep. 6th, 2012 12:03 pm
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What a wonderful summer it has been, after the wettest April, May and June on record. The Queen's Diamond Jubilee celebrations, London 2012 Olympic Games and now the awe-inspiring Paralympic Games! So proud of all those taking part. The Post Office are having a hard time keeping up with the stamps of GB medal winners and there is a rash of gold-painted letter boxes to celebrate their success.

On a personal note, Gavin's 65th birthday party in July was fabulous: good company, fine weather and yummy food. One of the talking points of the day was the dragonfly drying out on its nymph case. We've never had so many dragonflies emerging from our pond as this summer. Twelve that we know of. All Southern hawkers.

Going to see Jenn, and Mark, tomorrow. Will probably stay for five days at Mark's place. He's still living at The Barn, managing to juggle his finances so he can keep it on. Jenn still flits between there and staying with Rich. She's known him almost a year but I can't get used to her not being with Mark. She has not been able to find her own flat yet. Pictures of her latest hair colour below the cut. She rings the changes by attaching coloured extensions underneath.

Have a photo of the first dragonfly :)

Jenn's new hair colour )
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Going to York tomorrow by train, first know I don't do things by halves :)

Meeting Mark at the house then walking into the city to meet Jenn after work about 6pm. We're having something to eat in a pub somewhere then going to the Grand Opera House to see the stage performance of THe Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, starring all the old radio cast. A local celeb will do the voiceover for The Book (it was Roger McGough in L'pool, I think). Then we'll go back to the house for a gossip and sleep before I catch the 9:40am train back on Friday.

A very quick visit because I bought the theatre tickets months ago and Jenn and Mark will be coming here next Wed for a whole week, helping us prepare for and tidy up after Gav's 65th birthday bash. He was 65 in March but we thought July would be nicer weather for an outdoor Hog Roast get-together. HA-HA! March was much warmer weather than we've had recently. Those of you not in the UK might not realise that it's been the wettest April+May+June since 1910! Apart from a pleasant week in May, we haven't seen the sun for three months. Soooooo fed up of cloudy skies, RAIN, low light levels, RAIN and EVEN MORE RAIN!! It had better be dry on the 14th or I've got to find room for 70+ guests in the house, gulp :( The Hog Chef could well be the only one outside!

PS For those of you that know about Jenn and Mark, I can now think straight enough to actually write this down. Last September, she told him that she wanted to see someone else. This was the reason for my not looking forward to the New Year. Her decision has shaken us all up. Mark had even bought the ring she'd been looking at for 4 years and was ready to propose. Gav and I can't get our heads round it: she still has a lot of her stuff at the house and she splits her time between Mark and the other man. I've met him and he's okay but my heart bleeds for Mark. They'd been together for 9 years. I understand that it's her life and I wouldn't want her to be unhappy. She says she's happy with the new man.

After Gav's party, we'll take them both back to York so we can bring a lot of Jenn's belongings back with us. It could well be the last time we have them both together under our roof :( One big problem is that although Mark can afford to keep up the rent on the house by himself, she can't afford somewhere else as nice and will probably share a house with strangers. There are reasons why she can't move in with the new man (no, he's not married, thank God) and I'd like her to have a way out, in case she changes her mind.


Mar. 2nd, 2012 01:27 pm
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Rammstein was amazing! Pounding rhythms, fireworks and fun!

A beautiful, warm morning (March 2nd!) so I took a few photos of the girls :)


Jenn did Stevie's hair. Stevie is getting married next month. The dreads will be out but the hair will remain turquoise. Her wedding photos will be spectacular!


Just before leaving for Liverpool, this morning. I ask myself if Liverpool is ready for them :)

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Getting excited now :P

Meeting Jenn and her friend, Stevie of the blue hair, in Manchester tomorrow afternoon for some light(?) recreational shopping then on to the MEN Arena for about 6:30pm. The time seems to have dragged since I bought the tickets but tomorrow it's happening. 


 And even better, I get my lovely daughter home till Saturday. Stevie does not know this side of the country so we're taking her to Liverpool on Friday for more shopping and sight-seeing :D.
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When Gav and I were in York recently, Jenn was refused a glass of cider in a bar because she had no ID to prove her age (23). Gav was very peeved that they would not take his word for her age.

She used to carry her Birth Certificate in her purse but that was stolen a few years ago. She has a replacement BC but does not carry it around. The usual ID required is a driving licence or passport, neither of which she has. Following the recent incident, she's decided to apply for a passport.

The application for a first passport is now a complex procedure due to fake passport crime. She has a long application form to complete then it has to be countersigned by a referee from one of a list of professions, who must already be a British passport holder. She also needs either my or Gav's BC to prove that she is British-born of a British national. Then after all the paperwork is in place, she will go for an hour-long interview.

The upshot is that Jenn is travelling today, meeting with a good friend of ours who knows her, who is a British passport holder and is willing to act as her referee, collecting our BCs and then going back to York tomorrow. She's had to organise her days off in order to be able to do this.

Goodness knows how her boyfriend would manage if he ever applied: his parents are dead and he does not have their BCs. An online search would be required to find out where they were born!

Anyway, of course, the absolute bonus of this is that we get our girly home for 24 hours. Hurray!!!

For the interested: Jenn's current hair colour is rainbow :D )
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Going to York tomorrow, coming back on Friday. It's Jenn's birthday next week but she's off work this week so I'm going early to give her her birthday present and take them out for a meal.

This is her present:

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It's been a busy few days, beginning last Saturday with meeting Jenn and Mark in Manchester to see A-ha's farewell tour. Poor Gav did the home/Manchester drive twice in each direction that evening. He's a lovely man :)

Jenn and Mark came home with us for the night. They both approve of what I've done with the little front room (pics another time). Then on Sunday, we all went back to York by train from Liverpool Lime St. Arrived in York just as it was going dark.

Mark had to work on Monday but Jenn has the week off so the rest of us went Christmas shopping. Walked the feet off ourselves but bought everything we went out for. Most of the city Christmas lights were lit but the main tree will be lit next weekend during the St Nicholas' Fair.

Jenn and I went to the Grand Opera House in the evening to see 'Spamalot' on tour from the West End. Hysterically funny and very well acted. Practically word for word from the 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' film. They even managed the fight scene with the Black Knight at the bridge losing all his limbs. Great audience participation. 'Always look on the bright side of life...'

On Tuesday, we went to Leeds Armouries again. Gav had never been before and was very impressed. That evening we went for a meal then watched HP and the Deathly Hallows pt 1. It's not a film to enjoy but was very good. I WILL have to read that book before pt 2 comes out!

Yesterday, after spending £££s at the supermarket so Jenn and Mark are okay until February!, we stayed in and watched some lovely films. 'The Fall' is beautiful. Do find it if you haven't seen it.

Then last night it snowed, so we decided to come home in case we have a repeat of January's whiteout. Some roads on the coast east of York are closed after the first fall of this winter. Minus 5C recorded in Oxfordshire last night, colder than usual for November.

Been home for three hours and feeling warm now. Jenn phoned. It's still snowing in York. Hopefully, we will be meeting in Manchester again on December 5th to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.
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This link does work. I actually saved it as a slideshow and it was sent to my LJ but was not made public. Weird! Anyway, if you're interested click above or go to my lj to see. Whatever, I like the colour.

Back Home

Apr. 6th, 2010 08:50 pm
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We had a lovely time, even going on one of York's Ghost Tours at last. Jenn has two job interviews lined up so fingers crossed.
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We finish for  the Easter break tomorrow at 1:30pm. Hubby will be outside in the car. I'll jump aboard and we'll be off. York by 5pm at the latest. We'll stay until Jenn and Mark wish to claim their bed back. Then just 62 working days left!
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Jenn and Mark will be here soon after sunset, the weather and TransPennine trains willing. Their first task will be to go into the loft, bring down the tree and decorations and set to making this house look festive. It's their job--we're NOT allowed to do it--children! XD

They are staying for 12 days. I hope Mark likes the sofabed I bought for their room this summer. Mum and Dad will be here for Christmas Day so I hope last year's Kitchen Fairies have stowed away in J & M's luggage as they did last year--coming downstairs at 7am to find all the vegetables peeled and chopped and underwater was the best gift ever.

Christmas is family love.


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