Oct. 9th, 2014 12:35 pm
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Went to York last weekend to go the Grand Opera House with Jenn for the Saturday matinee of 'The Perfect Murder' by Peter James. Excellent production, very good use of space on stage to show different rooms in two different places and exciting plot. Husband and wife both having affairs decide the best way out of their marriage is to murder their spouse...tension abounds!

Stayed with Mark who is on the cusp of making the decision to leave York (and Jenn) behind. He's saving up money to tide him over during the move and we've offered him somewhere to stay until he can find a flat. First thing to do is get a job over this side of The Pennines. I teased him that by the time we see 'The Producers: the musical' at the Liverpool Empire next June we'd be going to his flat afterwards for a cup of tea. Here's hoping! Liverpool is the city he grew up in and still has friends there. As I've mentioned before, he's the son we never had and we want him to be happy.

Edit: Forgot to say that while at Mark's I saw 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. Wow! What a film! Fabulous choice of actors and they played their roles superbly. Highly recommended.

Jenn is still with Rich, three years now, and is enjoying her new job. Better paid and more intellectually stimulating than hanging clothes up! Rich is recovering after his spell in hospital, during which it was discovered that his kidneys were functioning at 28% at one point! Possible biopsy for him to look forward to, poor soul.

I saw the dermatologist at our local hospital, almost two weeks ago now. I took my two pages of 'history' and all the medications, including those that didn't work, and he listened and inspected and kept shaking his head, bemused. He agreed that I'm suffering from chronic urticaria and gave me a prescription for further antihistamines but we couldn't nail down what had caused it, apart from my suggestion it was the belt I'd worn as part of the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring kit. I told him to go two doors down in Outpatients and borrow one to see what it's made from. He decided to do a Patch Test so I've been given three appointments for November on alternate days for the test to be administered and results examined. That will be five months after it all began!

The husband is fine, as always. He's had an air of being apprehensive about him since he turned 67 because his dad died at 67 years and 3 months from pancreatic cancer but now he's past that age he's back to his usual lively self :)

Have the latest photo of this year's young fish taken last week. I've not bothered to count but Jenn counted 41. They're probably all goldfish but we'll have to wait and see. Two of the four 10 cm long fish hatched last year have changed colour but the other two are still black so they might be crucian carp after all or a cross as they do interbreed. The three old crucians haven't been seen since August so they might have died. I hope they bred but we'll have to wait and see, as I said.

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Update on Mark: He's been back at work for two weeks now and is feeling fine. Thanks for your concern and kind comments :)

Happy St George's Day!

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Last Sunday morning, Mark, aged 28 and fit as a fiddle, had two heart attacks one after the other. I'm only just able to write about it because it was a very scary few days.

It turns out these were not the usual type involving narrowed coronary arteries, which tend to afflict the elderly or unfit. They were due to a cold virus, yes a cold virus! Normally, the virus descends into the lungs and gives a bronchial infection but it can enter the blood and make its way round to the heart. The heart swells due to infection, then cannot beat properly inside the pericardium, hence chest pains and feelings of being very unwell.

Mark had had a head cold and sore throat for a few days. He woke on Sunday, feeling unwell with chest pains. Jenn was out with a friend but their mutual friend, Joannah, was there. He went back to bed and she googled the symptoms. Just as she was deciding to phone for an ambulance, he got up and told her he was going to hospital. Very unlike Mark to make a fuss but he had realised it was serious.

Luckily, the hospital is one minute's walk away so he and Jo walked there. As they arrived, he had his first heart attack. He was rushed straight through the emergency departrment to the hospital proper and as he lay down, he had the second heart attack. He was given morphine, which had no effect on the pain, and then hooked up to machines.

Jo phoned Jenn on her mobile. Apparently, Jenn threw her bags to her friend and ran to the hospital and got there in about ten minutes. She and Jo stayed with Mark for over twelve hours that day. He began to feel a little better so was able to shave his own chest and groin for an angiogram. That confirmed his heart was healthy, though scarred by the heart attacks. The infection is viral so cannot be treated. He just has to wait for the infection to subside.

He stayed in hospital for another two days, with Jenn and Jo there each day for at least seven hours, then he was released with paracetamol for general pain and angina tablets for more specific heart pain when needed. He's been booked in for an MRI in six weeks to have a closer cardiac inspection.

Since then, he has been sleeping a lot, suffering from exhaustion. Jenn has been given until next Monday off work. Mark's boss and colleagues have visited him and told him not to return until he feels ready. Jenn told us late Sunday and we volunteered to drive there but she said to wait. As he's so tired, we'll wait until he feels brighter.

Luckily, there will be no long-lasting effects and he should make a total recovery, thank goodness. It turns out if they had waited for an ambulance, he would have been taken to Leeds Hospital, which has a specialist cardiac team but is half an hour away! We're so relieved he was not on his own when it happened and that he was treated quickly and efficiently in York. What was serious did not become critical.

If you have a cold or sore throat, then experience chest pain, don't wait! Get to hospital.
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Mark starts a new job on Wednesday. This one's more permanent than previous ones in York--12 months at least. I'm so pleased for him. At least that's financial worries off his back for the next year. 

And the job? Incredible that this hasn't been farmed out to another country such as Eastern Europe or Hong Kong. The factory makes plastic parts for other items eg the plastic buttons for computer keyboards. 

And Mark's job? Assembling ladies' massagers!! Yes, exactly  what you are thinking! And they end up in a warehouse owned by a well-known firm--D_r_x (no advertising). I admit to casually mentioning that it's my birthday next week. Lots of giggles!

Another hot day but this one's very sticky--not nice.


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