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Well, it's coming to the end of a very wet June. I know when we've hit July because we get a couple of bats stooging along the stream moth-hunting so I'm checking the twilight skies nightly. No sign yet.

I'm soooo thrilled to be in contact with Lizzy again, even if by this circuitous route. [profile] l_starr

PotC 3, last night. What can I say? Strange best fits, I think. The multiple Jack Sparrows are a hoot and I loved the Keith Richards cameo. I'm disappointed that James Norrington didn't make it to the end. I wanted him to turn pirate against Beckett and the EIC. Bill Nighy was a treat again--liked the few moments we saw the mortal face. I'll buy the DVD to complete the set but I don't think I'll watch it as often as the first two. Special effects par excellence, of course. I bought the soundtrack from Amazon last weekend and it arrived yesterday morning along with other bits that I'd promised myself. 

I've got to put some time aside to watch the 'God, the Devil and Bob' DVD. I caught most of the episodes when BBC 2 showed them a couple of years ago but I didn't see them all. I love this kind of poking fun at the religious establishment--it must be something to do with my non-conformist background. In the old Congregational chapel, later combined with the Methodist church to form the United Reformed church, the essence is that the congregation don't really need an intermediary to have a relationship with the Almighty (It). The relationship is taken seriously but none of the trappings found elsewhere are necessary or even welcome. My own take on It, I know, but seeing a crucifix (with Christ) as opposed to a simple cross, sends shivers of distaste up my spine. So the direct approach that 'God, the Devil and Bob' takes to deflate some of the ideas held by the more fervent branches of the faith, was so refreshing when I first watched. What a shame there was no second series. It scares me, here in UK, how much influence the Christian right have over the White House. And I'm sure I don't know 1% of what goes on. PS to self--I have to read The Handmaid.

On another note, Summer Fair at school raised nearly £400 for a couple of hours work so it was worth it.

Jenn's nagging me now that I've finished the reports. Quite rightly, I know. I still haven't done Gav's accounts and her Student Loan award is dependent on our joint finances. I will start them this weekend.

Well, I've rambled enough.
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Yes, I've nearly left it too late but I've been so busy with schoolwork, I don't drive and the nearest cinema is nearly 10 miles away BUT it's tomorrow or never! We ARE going to see PotC 3, definitely, tomorrow night--no excuses. We HAVE to as it's the last evening showing. Friday's times are both too early so I suspect it's not showing at all next week.

Besides which Gavin promised he'd take me as my birthday present and it's now ten days later! Damn, I'll have to get at least one Captain Jack Sparrow icon!


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