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What a lovely start to the day. I opened the front door to see an enormous Union Flag draped over one of our wheelie bins. There were two more planted in the garden and a Happy Retirement banner threaded through the car doorhandles. Fastened to Gav's trailer was a huge hand-written message. I recognised the handwriting as that of a dear friend, Lynne, who worked at the same school until she retired a few years ago.

I stood on the doorstep, laughing, calling Gav to come and see. Then Lynne turned up. She'd been stooging up and down the road waiting for me to open the front door. What a friend!

(Shame that my camera needed charging so I'll have to charge it then set it all up again to take a photo.)

Thank you all who have left me kind messages. I will be online with LJ and Facebook until bedtime and hope to chat with you here or there. vc_media community is also involved. I'm trying to have a virtual party and you're all invited!
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Fabulous day! Today was the Year 6 leavers' assembly, where they dressed up and took the mickey out of all members of staff--hysterically funny.

After that floral presentations and gifts to the 5 of us who are celebrating something special. Made a speech and children and parents laughed in all the right places. Afterwards to the buffet--TAs did us proud. I will miss the children and adults but not the constant scrutiny.

I probably won't realise that I'm retired until the children go back to school in September. There is a school not far away over the back gardens and we can hear them playing on their yard.

Still, only one day left. We finish early at 1:30pm then we can go home for the Summer break. Wonderful.
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Today was Sports Day, which went well and ended just before the rain fell. The weather's been miserable recently.

Tuesday: pm whole school party

Wednesday: pm DVD afternoon then at 6pm a staff meal out.

Thursday: 2pm Year 6 leavers' assembly, with presentations to 5 staff; one is getting wed next week; one is almost at her due date and will have a ittle girl soon; one is leaving to work at an English-speaking school in Athens; one has a new job working in a Nursery School and the fifth is me. After that all invited guests (and there are a lot of them) will go into the Infant Hall and join the staff for my Retirement Buffet.

Friday: 1.30pm hometime!!!!!

There's still work to do but I'm hoping it will all be done before Friday. If not, I'll finish over next weekend and drop the work off next Monday, as the caretaker will be there to let me in.

Excited and exhausted!

(Unlocked post 'cos it doesn't matter any more if anyone knows.)


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