May. 15th, 2009 06:50 pm
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Well, huge sighs of relief all round. The Inspectors came, observed, questioned and scrutinised then delivered their assessment of the school then left. Two days we've all been dreading and now it's over!! Thank God.

There are five grades: 
Need to Improve
Special Measures

After the last two years of unsettled management, we dreaded going into 'Special Measures' which is very serious. We hoped for 'Need to Improve'  but we received 'Satisfactory' !! OMG!!! SATISFACTORY!! That may not sound great to you out there but believe me it is wonderful!

AND as OFSTED come round only once every three years, I'll never have to go through it again as I am DETERMINED to retire in July 2010.
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In case anyone's sad enough to want to know what's happening at work...
The bloke who's supposed to be team-teaching with me has been signed off for another four weeks (he's only given us 11 days since September) and the Head's been signed off for another six weeks. Our Associate Head, on loan from her own school, is brilliant. What a shame we can't keep her. Whatever happens, she can't stay beyond 31st March.

C'est la vie.
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Today the Headteacher took two weeks off work due to STRESS! 

It's the slippery slope, folks.
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Well, informal monitoring has not begun because apparently, I 'rejected' the Action Plan THEY had set up for me. All I did was annotate it indicating where I thought I was already doing things THEY were suggesting I wasn't. Deputy Head even said, "Then it'll be easier for you to fulfil then." !!!!!!

Anyway, each member of staff had a 15 minute meeting last week, and I was told that a lady would be talking with me for an hour next Thursday to support me and that with her help I can draw up my own Action Plan. What the f***!!!
Now I've to make my own noose, as well!

Needless to say, my union are involved now and the Branch Secretary will be present at Thursday's meeting. J's union are also involved on her behalf and they're going to work together on this case.

Honestly, this place is imploding. So sad.


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