A wife who went to the shops to buy a turkey for Christmas dinner still hasn’t made it home after being cut off by heavy snow.


Kay Ure, 54, left her house in the remote Scottish Highlands on December 19 on a shopping trip to Inverness.

But thick snow and blocked roads have left it impossible for her to return to husband John and the lighthouse keeper’s cottage they share in Cape Wrath, Sutherland, at Britain’s north-western tip.

The cafe owner is stranded 11 miles away in Durness where she is staying in a friend’s caravan.

But Mrs Ure hasn’t given up on the idea of Christmas dinner with her partner of more than 30 years.

She told a Sunday newspaper: “I think it will be a few days yet as the road from our home is dangerous.

“Part of it is known as the Wall of Death so I don’t want John attempting it until it’s clear.

“I’m looking forward to a belated Christmas dinner but it might be Burns’ Night before I get to eat it.”

The couple run a cliff-top cafe in one of Britain’s most isolated spots.

Mrs Ure left for Inverness on an organised shopping excursion. Her husband drove her the 11 miles to a jetty where their boat is moored and from there they crossed the Kyle of Durness where she was picked up by a minibus.

On her return to Durness the heavy snow had blocked the route to the lighthouse and Mr Ure, 57, was unable to make the drive to pick her up.

The pair have spoken on the phone each night they have been apart and their Christmas presents remain unopened.

Mr Ure said he spent Christmas Day with their six Springer Spaniels and served two walkers who popped into the cafe.

The couple moved from Glasgow to Durness several years ago before moving further north to Cape Wrath.

They opened the lighthouse cafe in the summer.

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