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This is sad because there are many old sites dedicated to VC on Geocities.

If you are the owner of such a site there are instructions for downloading your work or transferring it elsewhere.

If you know of someone with such a site please forward this link:

I have 40-50 such sites in my Favourites list. Some are beautifully designed, others contain old fanfics. I shall miss them.

Save what you can.
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Glorious start to June but still no sign of the swifts. They're late this year.
Just had a lazy afternoon reading through some old VC fics--great stuff.
No, I've not done Gavin's accounts or the reports for school. I have however got my Assessment File up to date which has taken ages.
Wasted hours yesterday trying to sort out how to scan a book in order to burn it to a CD. I've sort of done it but I'm not 100% thrilled with the result. There must be an easier way.
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Well after a very successful baptism into LJ land, becoming a member of two VC communities and being friended by daggetsmydog, I'm not sure when I'll be posting again. Work is stressful at the moment--new initiatives coming on down so fast my poor old brain can't keep up. And of course it all means extra time spent on schoolwork at home. Just after having completed the Wellbeing Survey, of course. I'd answer those ****ing questions differently now!
On a much happier note, Jenn is coming home sometime this week, maybe even tomorrow!! Yippee!!!!


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