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[Error: unknown template qotd]Niarbyl Bay Cottages, Isle of Man, May 2011

Niarbyl Bay IOM
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'I see…' said the vampire thoughtfully, and slowly he walked across the room towards the window.

As if it would be any other book! :D

Going to York for a few days to see my girl!!!
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Went to Manchester last night to see A-ha, on their final tour. 25 years on from 'Take on Me', they are calling it a day. Sad but I suppose it's better they split while they're still on top form. Every song was perfect, well-known ones and brand-new ones from their final album. Morten can still hit the high notes and looks as gorgeous as ever. They will stay forever young, while I grow old. End of an era.
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Douglas Adams had it right:

"Normal service will be resumed as soon as possible."
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I was born a month prematurely. If I'd survived that in another time or place, I probably would have died from measles at the age of 4, or appendicitis at 16, or definitely in childbirth at 35, presumably with the death of the baby as well. I agree with [ profile] hystree, this age and place suits me fine.
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It has to be Interview with the Vampire.

I got used to Tom Cruise in a blond wig (that wig deserved an Oscar all by itself) and Brad Pitt is gorgeous as the gorgeous Louis. Kirsten Dunst is coldly stunning as Claudia. Yes, I know, Antonio Banderas is nowhere near Armand as in the books but his performance was perfectly detached.

Despite having seen it way more than 10 times, I still see new things in it or understand scenes or phrases in a new way, such is the power of the screenplay and the production.
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I fell in love with him 33 years ago and we will celebrate our 31st wedding anniversary, later this year. I have loved him all that time: we have been in each other's company for more years than we were alive before we met.

I'm retiring on July 23rd and fully intend to put effort into courting him (my turn this time). I'm looking forward to falling in love with him all over again.
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Freddie! 18 years next Tuesday, people. I can't believe it's been that long.
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[Error: unknown template qotd]Mitchell from 'Being Human'


Louis de Pointe du Lac (of course).
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[Error: unknown template qotd]One of my class brought a big tin of Cadbury's chocolates into school, this morning, saying she wanted to hand them out for Easter (we finish on Friday). I said that I hoped there was one for me and as she handed me the tin, I KNEW I'd been had before I even touched it! My lust for chocolate beat me.

She caught lots of teachers out this morning and she was thrilled to bits!

This happened to my husband this morning while I was at work:

We have a narrow stream running along the bottom boundary of our back garden. Gavin has strengthened the bank and has a workshop/shed running the full width of the garden, hence the stream is hidden from view. He checks it regularly and noticed a huge tree trunk blocking the stream. It had been cut down upstream and had floated along until it had become jammed just behind his shed. He had been in touch with the Environmental Agency and they have been out to inspect it.

Today he received a phonecall, explaining that the trunk will be removed but that the lifting equipment needed to remove this trunk, estimated at up to half a ton, is large and requires access. He was told that his workshop needs to be dismantled and moved 2 metres into the garden. Apparently, he tried to keep his cool but the official he was talking to was insisting that the lifting machine needed the space. Eventually, he was told that a Manager would ring him back. By this time he was quite irritated to put it mildly.

He went outside to recount the conversation to any of our neighbours who might be around to listen. Many of them are retired and are often at the front in their gardens. Soon he had 3 or 4 people listening and commiserating. Then the neighbour from three doors away came to listen. He couldn't keep his face straight for long. "It's April the first, Gavin," and then the penny dropped. Gavin had been the victim of a joke perpetrated by that 'friend'! Much laughter at Gavin's expense but he was relieved that his beloved shed is safe.

Needless to say, he is plotting revenge.
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Well, when the Godfather, [ profile] secret_savior, threatened to make Elitist Fans of the Vampire Chronicles for members only, I knew that 'Kath no LJ but an avid VC fic reader' had to go legitimate and make an LJ. I admit that I did not give it much thought other than think of how someone else might describe me. Having rejected 'fatoldbiddy', which with hindsight would not seem out of place in LJland, I chose 'mothersisterdaughter' because I am all three. After trying and trimming it to fit, it became [ profile] mumsisdaughter.

I am mother to one--

Eldest sibling of five--

Daughter to the best Mum in the world--

And Mumsy to all and sundry in LJland!!

So there you have it.


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