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I know it's a day early but I'll probably be too busy to post tomorrow.

First thing is it's completion day for my late Mum's house. By 1pm, it will no longer be my responsibility, phew! It's taken just a year from the month she died and two years from the month Dad died. Saying our last goodbye today when we go to take the final meter readings.

Second thing is I'm going to York tomorrow!!! Not seen my girlie since Christmas. We have tickets to see 'Wonderland' at The Grand Opera House on Saturday. Also having breakfast with Mark and Darcie on Saturday morning. It'll be nice to catch up :)

I'm staying there till Sunday so it'll be a nice break. The husband has promised that we'll spend a few days in The Lakes at our honeymoon hotel, now the house sale is complete. I'm looking forward to a relaxing time and possibly finding a remote area for a huge primal scream!
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in York, leaving the husband alone here looking after himself, ah poor thing. Relying on him to open the door to Hallowe'en knocks, sweets and pumpkin all arranged for him :)

Train to York tomorrow afternoon arriving at 5:36 IN THE DAAAAAARK!!! Staying with Jenn and Rich for the first time as Mark now has his ladyfriend living with him. Seeing him sometime on Saturday evening.

Saturday matinee at the Grand Opera House to see The Addams Family: the Musical with Jenn! Hurray, good Hallowe'en fun.

Returning Sunday midday.

Hoping to repeat the performance at the end of November to catch The Importance of Being Earnest at the same theatre.

NINE weeks to Christmas! Must go to the Christmas Angels shop in York! It's open all year round but I'm never in the mood for popping in until this time of year :D


Oct. 9th, 2014 12:35 pm
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Went to York last weekend to go the Grand Opera House with Jenn for the Saturday matinee of 'The Perfect Murder' by Peter James. Excellent production, very good use of space on stage to show different rooms in two different places and exciting plot. Husband and wife both having affairs decide the best way out of their marriage is to murder their spouse...tension abounds!

Stayed with Mark who is on the cusp of making the decision to leave York (and Jenn) behind. He's saving up money to tide him over during the move and we've offered him somewhere to stay until he can find a flat. First thing to do is get a job over this side of The Pennines. I teased him that by the time we see 'The Producers: the musical' at the Liverpool Empire next June we'd be going to his flat afterwards for a cup of tea. Here's hoping! Liverpool is the city he grew up in and still has friends there. As I've mentioned before, he's the son we never had and we want him to be happy.

Edit: Forgot to say that while at Mark's I saw 'Only Lovers Left Alive'. Wow! What a film! Fabulous choice of actors and they played their roles superbly. Highly recommended.

Jenn is still with Rich, three years now, and is enjoying her new job. Better paid and more intellectually stimulating than hanging clothes up! Rich is recovering after his spell in hospital, during which it was discovered that his kidneys were functioning at 28% at one point! Possible biopsy for him to look forward to, poor soul.

I saw the dermatologist at our local hospital, almost two weeks ago now. I took my two pages of 'history' and all the medications, including those that didn't work, and he listened and inspected and kept shaking his head, bemused. He agreed that I'm suffering from chronic urticaria and gave me a prescription for further antihistamines but we couldn't nail down what had caused it, apart from my suggestion it was the belt I'd worn as part of the 24 hour blood pressure monitoring kit. I told him to go two doors down in Outpatients and borrow one to see what it's made from. He decided to do a Patch Test so I've been given three appointments for November on alternate days for the test to be administered and results examined. That will be five months after it all began!

The husband is fine, as always. He's had an air of being apprehensive about him since he turned 67 because his dad died at 67 years and 3 months from pancreatic cancer but now he's past that age he's back to his usual lively self :)

Have the latest photo of this year's young fish taken last week. I've not bothered to count but Jenn counted 41. They're probably all goldfish but we'll have to wait and see. Two of the four 10 cm long fish hatched last year have changed colour but the other two are still black so they might be crucian carp after all or a cross as they do interbreed. The three old crucians haven't been seen since August so they might have died. I hope they bred but we'll have to wait and see, as I said.

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Going to York tomorrow, coming back on Friday. It's Jenn's birthday next week but she's off work this week so I'm going early to give her her birthday present and take them out for a meal.

This is her present:

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It's been a busy few days, beginning last Saturday with meeting Jenn and Mark in Manchester to see A-ha's farewell tour. Poor Gav did the home/Manchester drive twice in each direction that evening. He's a lovely man :)

Jenn and Mark came home with us for the night. They both approve of what I've done with the little front room (pics another time). Then on Sunday, we all went back to York by train from Liverpool Lime St. Arrived in York just as it was going dark.

Mark had to work on Monday but Jenn has the week off so the rest of us went Christmas shopping. Walked the feet off ourselves but bought everything we went out for. Most of the city Christmas lights were lit but the main tree will be lit next weekend during the St Nicholas' Fair.

Jenn and I went to the Grand Opera House in the evening to see 'Spamalot' on tour from the West End. Hysterically funny and very well acted. Practically word for word from the 'Monty Python and the Holy Grail' film. They even managed the fight scene with the Black Knight at the bridge losing all his limbs. Great audience participation. 'Always look on the bright side of life...'

On Tuesday, we went to Leeds Armouries again. Gav had never been before and was very impressed. That evening we went for a meal then watched HP and the Deathly Hallows pt 1. It's not a film to enjoy but was very good. I WILL have to read that book before pt 2 comes out!

Yesterday, after spending £££s at the supermarket so Jenn and Mark are okay until February!, we stayed in and watched some lovely films. 'The Fall' is beautiful. Do find it if you haven't seen it.

Then last night it snowed, so we decided to come home in case we have a repeat of January's whiteout. Some roads on the coast east of York are closed after the first fall of this winter. Minus 5C recorded in Oxfordshire last night, colder than usual for November.

Been home for three hours and feeling warm now. Jenn phoned. It's still snowing in York. Hopefully, we will be meeting in Manchester again on December 5th to see Jeff Wayne's War of the Worlds.
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Well, I maligned Transpennine, because theirs is an electric track of course. The journey both ways was smooth and almost silent. I found myself in the company of besuited businesspersons examining spreadsheets and looking as if they were interested in what they were examining. I read Terry Pratchett's 'Unseen Academicals' and enjoyed it. Free tea and fruit cake! I will travel first class again, folks.

I waited for Jenn and Mark to meet me. I saw her coming, green hair bobbing over the heads of the crowd! I like it a lot, though I'm not so sure about the two new facial peircings. That makes four now. She says there'll be no more. I'll wait and see.

Friday: walked the feet off ourselves shopping in York and visiting the Viking 'Jorvik' experience. Evening meal at Strada, which is a good Italian restaurant.

Saturday: walked the feet off ourselves doing touristy things such as museums with Roman finds from Eboracum (Roman York) and York Dungeon, which was great scary fun. Sailed up and down the Ouse for 70 mins with accompanying historical talk.

Sunday: rested our feet and played Xbox games and watched films all day. 'Perfume' is beautifully filmed, strange story but fascinating.

Monday: Mark was called into work unexpectedly--shame. Jenn and I went to Leeds for more shopping, including Vivienne Westwood's shop for perfume. Gorgeous coat but £670 is out of the question. What gorgeous arcades, beautifully painted, every shop has the same black and gold sign. Nearly met [ profile] irisbleufic but couldn't get to the other side of Leeds in time--one day, girl! Then went to Royal Armouries, which is overwhelming and free! The war elephant armour is breath-taking--a visit it a must if anyone gets the chance. Ended the day with a lovely meal (Mark included) at Michael's brasserie in York.

Gav had a lovely time playing trains. He returned on Monday then came to collect me from Lime St. on Tuesday. Ah, lovely man :)

Shawn, I think I've made a mess of the slideshow so I'll put it in a separate post. :)

And just for secret_savior , here are the pics of Jenn's green hair. )


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Apr. 6th, 2010 08:50 pm
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We had a lovely time, even going on one of York's Ghost Tours at last. Jenn has two job interviews lined up so fingers crossed.
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I've got Friday off work so that I can go to York for Jennet's Graduation Ceremony. She always said that she didn't want to go but I said I'd pay for the hire of cap and gown and so persuaded her. We're going straight after work tomorrow--travelling three hours in the dark (and wind and rain according to the Met Office). The ceremony is on Friday afternoon in York Minster--woo-hoo! I've booked a meal for the four of us at a super hotel restaurant. On Saturday, while Jenn's at work (yes, she's got a job at last) I'll do some Christmas shopping then we'll go for Italian at Frankie and Benny's right next to the cinema. I want to see '2012'.

Working hard tonight to get next week's lesson planning done so I don't have to rush back too early on Sunday.
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I know I haven't posted anything worthwhile for ages--work is soul-destroying at the moment and takes all my 'spare' time. However, I finish for the Christmas break tomorrow afternoon. We're off to York on Friday to stay with Jenn and Mark and do some shopping. I'm looking forward to leaving my problems behind. We'll be back on Tuesday so [ profile] gairid I'll phone then. Sorry to mess you around but I can't pass up the chance to get away for a few days. And [ profile] l_starr, if you still read lj, I'll try to contact you as well.

Season's Greetings to all my lj friends!
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Well after an exciting few days all is back to normal...too quiet. 

Jenn went back to York this afternoon. She rang to say she'd got back okay and was at Mark's house. I bet he's missed her. It's the longest they've been apart for 4 and a half years! 

There was a moment last night at the pub when Gavin had gone outside for a smoke, that Mother and Daughter had a heart to heart. I know she and Mark had had a sticky time a few months ago wondering whether they should keep seeing each other as 'lovers' or just be good friends. I asked how things are and she actually looked bashful! Things are great, apparently, and that's wonderful news.

So now I have a week off work to myself. Ha Ha Ha! I don't think sooooo! 

Two enormous tasks that I've kept putting off have to be done this week:
1) Gavin's accounts--yuck, finger down throat, it's a dirty job but someone's gotta do it! Jenn needs the figures for her application for next Sept student loan (and that should have been sent off last Friday--Whoops!).
2) Reports--double yuck, don't get me wrong I love my job and most of the children are great to work with but I do HATE all the blessed paperwork and this'll take f***ing ages this year as there are 32 of them.

Time for a mass DVD watch I think--shall it be LotR all in extended version, or Queer as Folk (UK followed by US) or the next box of HIghlander??


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