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(Ignore the camera date--I didn't put it right when the batteries died.)

Well, here are my parents on their actual Diamond Wedding Anniversary day (9th). Much fun, laughter and tears were had on Saturday when more than 20 of us gathered to have a party. Main present was a garden arbour, with diamond-shaped window engraved with their names and date of marriage, soft cushions for the seat and table for drinks. I organised the card from the Queen (open the picture larger to see it) and commemorative certificate, Yvonne organised the cake, Trev the engraved window and champagne, Norma the cushions and table and Helen the flowers in the vase. The cushions and table were from all the grandchildren. Dad actually got his act together and arranged for an Interflora delivery on Monday, which arrived while I was there.

Mum is of the old school, in that her job of work was raising five children (and two grandchildren--thanks Mum!) and caring for the home. She made all our clothes as we were growing up and we never once had a take-away meal or shop-bought cakes. She still makes all her own jams and chutneys. Money must have been tight but we never felt deprived. Dad did his own servicing on every car we had and was not beyond changing engines and gear-boxes. Holidays were spent camping and we saw the British Isles from Cornwall to Inverness, Yorkshire to Anglesey.

Looking back, what we considered 'normal' as we grew up was something very special and we are all so grateful to them both. They have always supported us emotionally and sometimes financially, even in adult life. We have been truly blessed to be their children, grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. Happy 60th, Mum and Dad! We love you.
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We went out for a lovely meal at 5pm. It was daylight when we entered and pitch black when we left just after 7pm. Winter draws (drawers) on! And, yes, I wore purple. Gav even wore purple underwear...'nuff said :)


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