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 This was taken on 10th June at my sister's wedding. Mark with Darcie, also celebrating two years together, and Jenn on the right.
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It's been raining for 3 days and the trees are being lashed by the wind but last week we had summer! The song you hear is a blackbird :)
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I know it's a day early but I'll probably be too busy to post tomorrow.

First thing is it's completion day for my late Mum's house. By 1pm, it will no longer be my responsibility, phew! It's taken just a year from the month she died and two years from the month Dad died. Saying our last goodbye today when we go to take the final meter readings.

Second thing is I'm going to York tomorrow!!! Not seen my girlie since Christmas. We have tickets to see 'Wonderland' at The Grand Opera House on Saturday. Also having breakfast with Mark and Darcie on Saturday morning. It'll be nice to catch up :)

I'm staying there till Sunday so it'll be a nice break. The husband has promised that we'll spend a few days in The Lakes at our honeymoon hotel, now the house sale is complete. I'm looking forward to a relaxing time and possibly finding a remote area for a huge primal scream!

Mum's house

Nov. 1st, 2016 02:10 pm
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After eight months of discarding, sorting, tidying, skipping, sorting and tidying again, then charity drops and siblings' collections, tidying again, dealing with the legal and financial matters and engaging an estate agent and a solicitor, the property went 'live' this morning, to use the jargon, and within an hour I had a message to say a couple are visiting the house at 2pm tomorrow. Fast work, Arnold and Phillips!

Brochure to follow :)
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This cheers me up no end!

London Pride 2016 photo _90099140_prideproposal1_zpsxfkkctbx.jpg

Link to the BBC page then go down to the Twitter comment 'Pride policeman pops the question' that has the ITV film of this lovely proposal. The Metropolitan Police have their own LGBT network and these police officers were marching IN the Pride event, not there as security :)

Also pictured are the first two Met Police officers to become engaged, the proposal being made in public on the same day :)

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So my husband is very busy this weekend, exhibiting his working model ships at a local rally. My sister, Yvonne (the next in age to me) has spent a glorious week walking Anglesey and missing the rain we've had here, only 40 miles away as the crow flies but a different place meteorologically.

She's been accompanied by her intended but he can't do this weekend so is travelling back for work. She's invited this 'boat-widow' to join her for the weekend and we'll come back together on Monday. While she slogs 16 miles tomorrow, I'll be enjoying the sights of beautiful Beaumaris :) Looking for a good restaurant for tonight to celebrate my birthday.

Have some photos of my sister enjoying Anglesey:

Yvonne on a deserted beach in Anglesey photo Yvonne Anglesey beach_zps1nxxsu1f.jpg

Yvonne enjoying the breeze, Anglesey photo Yvonne Anglesey_zpsxehzvcye.jpg

Here's two of Beaumaris Castle, which I shall be visiting tomorrow:

Beaumaris Castle photo beaumaris castle 1_zpsq6euplwo.jpg

Beaumaris Castle aerial view photo beaumaris castle 2_zpszpawcvgs.jpg

Now all I need is some dry weather!


Mar. 1st, 2016 07:33 pm
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Mum died at 11am this morning. The decline was rapid. Last week we were talking about getting her home to die, by Thursday we knew we wouldn't disturb her.

She was a strong-minded woman and had made lists of things to do and bequests to individuals. Dad died on 13th March last year. It's the end of an era.

 photo Mum and Dad close up_zps8ykipv3w.jpg


Feb. 16th, 2016 12:05 pm
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Mum was taken into hospital last Thursday. Her leg has been improving but she has been complaining about aches in her back, which we put down to inactivity. However, The we were concerned that Mum had lost her appetite, slept a lot, looked very pale and felt cold, despite the central heating up high enough to mimic a tropical palm house! The GP came on Thursday morning and she gave Mum a thorough examination and said she'd prefer it if Mum went into hospital for further tests. Surprisingly, Mum agreed. She has only been to stay in hospital four times: appendix at 14 and to give birth to 3 of the 5 of us, the last time being almost 40 years ago.

Yesterday, she had an MRI scan, which we think was to investigate her bones. We won't have results until Wed or Thurs.

Her appetite has improved and she's chattering like the Mum we know but she still feels cold, again despite sweltering hospital heat and layers of clothes and fleecy blankets. She's still sleeping a lot as well.

Her favourite aunt, Kathleen, died young from bone cancer so we're holding our breaths.
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Some of you know that my Mum (83) hurt her leg somehow in early December. The doctor said it's muscular (bursitis), took x-rays to check and told her to rest it. She struggled around the house with a walking stick and my sister moved in to help her. She spent Christmas being pampered by my brother at his house for a week then returned home. She has a fold-up bed downstairs and also a wet-room on the ground floor so she doesn't have to climb stairs. My brother bought her a walking frame from Argos! Best present ever. At last she could move about, albeit slowly. My sister stayed with her for the first week in January, then I took over last week. Progress is slow but happening. She was talking to me one last week then we both spotted that she had crossed her legs without realising! Getting in and out of bed doesn't involve acrobatics anymore, which gives her a chance to sleep properly. A side-effect of the inactivity has been fluid retention in her ankles but this seems to be reducing, as well.

The point of all this is to explain why I've been quiet online recently. I did get an iPad from Jenn and the men for Christmas and I'm having fun playing with that but it's nowhere near as good as a proper keyboard for writing at length :) An amazing app for identifying celestial bodies is 'SkyView Free' and I've completed the glorious 'The Room' and am most of the way through 'The Room 2' :D

Having two days off then returning to Mum's on Sunday for a few days. She only needs us now to make her meals because she finds it difficult to manoeuvre round the kitchen to cook for herself. Hopefully, she'll be completely mobile in the next couple of weeks.
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This week, I watched the last episode of season 2 of BBC4's delightful series 'detectorists' written by, directed by and starring Mackenzie Crook. Also starring Toby Jones, amongst others, and a cameo from Diana Rigg!

Very English in its gentle humour following the hopeful but never successful trawling for bits of buried history by the Danebury Metal Detecting Club. "No we are not metal detectors; that is what we use. We are detectorists."

Watch all season 2 here, if you can:

Episode 1 available for another 12 days

I've treated myself to season 1 as I was late to this feast. Season 2 DVD now on my wish list :D

The haunting theme was written especially for the show: I'm Waiting for You by Johnny Flynn

Theme from detectorists by Johnny Flynn

Will you search through the lonely earth for me,
Climb through the briar and bramble?
I'll be your treasure.

I felt the touch of the kings and the breath of the wind,
I knew the call of all the song birds.
They sang all the wrong words.
I'm waiting for you,
I'm waiting for you.


Will you swim through the briny sea for me,
Crawl along the ocean's floor?
I'll be your treasure.

I'm with the ghosts of the men who can never sing again,
There's a place follow me.
Where a love lost at sea.
Is waiting for you.
Is waiting for you.
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in York, leaving the husband alone here looking after himself, ah poor thing. Relying on him to open the door to Hallowe'en knocks, sweets and pumpkin all arranged for him :)

Train to York tomorrow afternoon arriving at 5:36 IN THE DAAAAAARK!!! Staying with Jenn and Rich for the first time as Mark now has his ladyfriend living with him. Seeing him sometime on Saturday evening.

Saturday matinee at the Grand Opera House to see The Addams Family: the Musical with Jenn! Hurray, good Hallowe'en fun.

Returning Sunday midday.

Hoping to repeat the performance at the end of November to catch The Importance of Being Earnest at the same theatre.

NINE weeks to Christmas! Must go to the Christmas Angels shop in York! It's open all year round but I'm never in the mood for popping in until this time of year :D

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...then you'll be familiar with The Shipping Forecast on BBC Radio 4, listing all the fishing grounds around the British Isles with their weather for the next few hours. That list is part of our shared memory of listening to the radio for example (it starts at 0:35) Today's Shipping Forecast Well click here and listen to a new version created for National Poetry Day, called The People's Shipping Forecast
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Latest photo in her new hat. I just have to share this because it stuns me that our DNA made someone this beautiful :)

Jenn October 2015 photo Jenn October 2015_zpsjfbuhxkx.jpg

mumsisdaughter: (Default) you've been warned! Or you could bypass the details and look at some lovely photos from our Norfolk break :D

Long live the NHS! )

I'm not sure which of these three I'd like to live in :D

 photo HPIM0636_zpslsxfyo7e.jpg
Great Bircham working windmill

Oxburgh Castle photo 100_0252_zpsdwducsmy.jpg
Oxburgh Castle

West Stow Anglo-Saxon house photo 100_0267_zpsebnudsi7.jpg
West Stow Anglo-Saxon village

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I've been troubled with back pain since March, making it difficult for me to sleep properly, so I'm thrilled to bits that yesterday's adventure does not seem to have made matters worse.

The nearest village to us has a church right on top of the hill. My parents were married there in 1951. Mum discovered that the bell tower would be open yesterday so off we went for an explore.
Christ Church, Aughton )


Jul. 29th, 2015 11:01 pm
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Changed the car today; same type and model but younger and fewer miles on the clock. We loved the old car but it was showing hints that expensive replacements (whole steering rack, fuse box) were on the horizon.

Hilarious moment, well I found it hilarious; he's frustrated:
He has a super-modern smartphone, the car has an internal phone system. Will his phone and the car system link via bluetooth? Not on your nelly!
Mine is an ancient Nokia that is never switched on unless I need to call for a taxi when I'm out or I text the daughter to tell her that I'll phone her in the evening from the landline. It is capable of being web-enabled but I've never bothered to choose a server. You get the idea.
So we went out for a meal, I texted the daughter to say I'd phone later and I left it on in my handbag just in case she replied.

Meal over, we returned to the car. He switched the ignition on and INSTANTLY the car display screen sang out its tune and displayed Searching for Phone and within seconds it happily linked to MY phone. "What? What's Merciful Death?" he spluttered. "That's me. It's MY phone," I laugh. We called the daughter using the car system, now paired with Merciful Death, lol.

It's still ignoring his phone. He's not a happy bunny.

But he does like the car :D

Edit: He's been on t'internet onto his phone provider site and had to jump through hoops but now, his phone and the car are talking to each other, ah.

 photo DSC_0019_zpsuarsjrlk.jpg
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There's been an overwhelming 'YES' vote for gay marriage in the Republic of Ireland!

1993 homosexuality illegal in ROI

but now

2015 gay marriage voted for in the first country to legalise same-sex marriage through a popular vote


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