May. 17th, 2015

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D'you know that old phrase: 'The cobblers children haven't got shoes' ?? Well, my other half repairs TVs etc for a living and though we've had a smart TV (HD and 3D) for a while, we've just never got round to actually linking it to the internet. Well, no more! I bought a Fire TV stick the other day and he fixed it to the set in a matter of moments and now there's sooooo much to choose from I'm bewildered and shell-shocked by it all.

I've been a member of Amazon Prime for years, in order to get next-day delivery, but now the price has gone up because they've added in what used to be LoveFilm so that's why I bought the Fire stick so I can get my money's worth.

So what I'm getting round to asking is, particularly if you are resident in US (or even if you're not and you know US TV series), what would you recommend I start with? Bearing in mind that we've never had SkyTV, I know I'm a long way behind in what series are good to watch.

I tend to watch horror/spooky things like 'The Walking Dead', 'Vampire Diaries' or serious cop shows like 'Happy Valley', 'Longmire' though I'm not beyond witty comedy. Please no romcom or shows with canned laughter.

Really open to anything that makes me think :D

Awaiting your recs with bated breath...


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